Dt360 SwapInternational Crankcase Breather Maxxforce 7 crankcase filter Maxxforce 7 crankcase filter May 13, 2019 · This Service Manual provides a general sequence of procedures for out-of-chassis engine overhaul (removal, inspection, and installation) of the EPA10 MaxxForce 7 diesel engine. I've driven a whole lot more DT engines than Cummins, but our church just recently acquired two buses with the 5. The 6613 you mentioned is supposed to be a sweet transmission but obviously the DT530 is making more torque than what it's rated for. 30-in bore and included the D and DT414 (4. Maybe a head swap to see what it does but get ready to maybe do some jetting. Pictures are representative of items for sale, part number availability is subject to verification. Re: 856 engine swap to DT360 in reply to the tractor vet, 11-21-2021 11:36:23 This is the poster from just a few days ago with spun bearings in a 407 from an 856. Same things one does to a Cummins 5. Kelderman Stage II air over leaf rear suspension. I was thinking of swapping it into the carcass of either a M135 or a M35a2. not DT360A? was created by Camp3. I have converted a 1990 International Bookmobile with a DT360 and Alison automatic into a motorhome and I am about to swap out transmissions. If your truck is a two-wheel drive or has a divorced transfer case, we have a solution to installing an overdrive transmission. The numbers on the side are 782A716143 @ 104205-3071. xzo The DT360 is a tough little sucker, as IH has already told you. Production The International DT360 was manufactured from 1987 to 1993 for trucks and buses, after which the DT-466, the last mechanical fuel injection model of the DT family, was produced. The bigger one is the fuel rate, and the smaller is the star wheel, or pre-boost smoke adjustment. Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:47 pm Post subject: Cummins 5. BELLHOUSING DOES NOT NEED CUT/NOTCHED FOR STARTER. Reply Quote Re: Farmall Engine swap August 24, 2010 07:11AM. r31 Price includes refundable core charge of 0 282. Access to a computer and email is required, a laptop. The site may feel slow and unresponsive at times. the dt360 will have an sae #1 or #2 bellhousing bolt pattern on it, this allows you to use any medium or heavy duty transmission you want to pick from allison eaton fuller spicer or zf, granted most of your options will be greatly limited due to the physical size of the transmission, as for a transfer case you will most likley have to use a divorced case since very few medium or heavy duty. The DT360 uses a mechanical fuel injection, a standard turbocharger and is the smallest model of the DT family. According to carson stauffer's website, they make adapters to go from the dt360 to a zf5/zf6. Anyone here ever done a DT360 swap in a 80-97 3/4 or 1 ton?. 6° of pedal movement vs the 20 degrees stock set up. Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 10:39 am Post subject: Re: 856 engine swap to DT360. de Zx10r ignition bypass Zx10r ignition bypass - exklusive-blitz-angebote. Which engine would be the easiest to swap a dt360 or the dt466: Beeman New Member. They're easy to find and relatively inexpensive. k8i The biggest flaw is the size and weight of the DT466 7. eq0 9L Cummins, very little had to be done in order for the engine to handle big power. the DT360 is the better choice because it is smaller than the 466. IH Dt-466 / Dt-360 swaps and tech has 5,861 members. de Since our foundation, our goal is to provide high-quality replacement gas and diesel engine parts at a competitive price. I've read a lot of posts on various forums regarding swapping a 5. Wiring Diagrams Vintage Yamaha Enduro Fans. Hard to compare a 32,000 GVW straight truck to a 6,000 pound pickup. I have a 1995 ford f800 with a 5. He will be doing the adaptor plate and motor mounts for me as well as the work on the Bosch pump, probably more as the project. Nov 20, 2018 · CaddilacKid will know ALL about what you need to swap a 643 for a 545 behind a DT360. The DT360's pump is small, so it usually doesn't get that hot. Speaking of power, the engine is graced with a Bosch P7100 (P-pump) thanks to an adapter hub from Scheid Diesel , a set of 5x18 injectors, and an S467. CSD DT360/DT466 Adapter Plate Kits $ 85000 Add to Cart Our custom designed, direct fit adapter plates designed to adapt the DT360/DT466 motor to the 4R100, 5R110, E4OD, ZF5, 7. 9 last yr and dropped in it but just like any good gearhead, i'm not satisifed with it and want more power. 4 slowly started dying a year or so back. CSD DT360/466 P-Pump Adapter with Hub. 0q " In the wet sleeve design, the cylinder wall thickness is. if i do the motor out of the truck will be for sale to fund the project :thumb: the other motor is a early 99 has some blow by it has 205xxx miles on it, all stock tranny is great as. If you need more power a later BG241-265 out of a 1960's C series will bolt right into your L series. DT360 Swap First Start in Mongo Why Diesel Cars Are Disappearing10 of the Greatest Diesel Engines - Ever 6 YEARS OLD AND BANGING GEARS! Information dump on the Full Manual Valve Body! 2001 Used International DT466 Page 9/28. At similar power ratings I can't say as I ever noticed the DT360 being measureably better on fuel than a DT466. We also have a version for the 460 Gas bellhousing. Simple add on 12 volt conversion kit for DT250, DT360 & DT400 1974-1979 for bikes with standard Yamaha wiring looms & generator backplate. Problem is that I'm somewhat gearbound with 4. DT466 DT360 D414 DT436 D312 Diesel Engine Lower Gasket Set Victor CS3872-I. 6mo 1974 yamaha dt360 carb Sometimes the woodruff key sheers or I have to swap the flywheel back and forth with another one I have. I have read people say contact. Will need our oil filter relocation kit to clear starter on certain application motors. Robert Bosch VE-type Injection Pump Bosch MW pump low rpm/excess fuel adjustment (DT360, DT466, Ford 6. I think the front cover and rear adapter plate from ANY 66 or 86 series will bolt on to the engine. 5 shaved down to 24 wheels Flipped . I dropped the motor off to Carsons on Thursday morning. Dt360 Performance 0007964 = 200 HP 6x14 = 0. Hill PCP Air Pump Manufacturer. I think the reason a couple guys were suggesting the 9513 is that it was commonly found set up for SAE #2, which is what is already in my truck. This is from my Low Buck Fuel Rate site: To the rear of the pump on the top is 2 different allen plugs. 9 liters; produced by six in-line cylinders with a bore and stroke of 4. i have a DT466 powered dump and i really like it but I'm hunting for a DT360 to swap into my F450. The exhaust manifold is the hard part of turbocharging the NA 360. Check the table to determine your replacement date. They are extremely similar in external dimensions as well. eh These are; International DT466, Cat 3116/3216, Cummins C, N series. Posted - 05/23/2012 : 3:02:10 PM. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Like others have said the steering column gets in the way of a V8 swap. In for updates I'm dt360 swapping my truck as well. Other than the lack of adapter plates, etc, a mechanically injected dt360 should be as simple to swap into one of our trucks as a 12v Cummins 5. 3TA C series engine INTO THE LARGE FRAME IH TRACTORS This will fit the 66, and 86 series, and the 2+2's from the 3388 all the way to the 6788. DT360 is smaller and fits better. 6 Engine DT360 Swap First Start in Mongo COMMON Ford Page 7/26. It is, according to Brattain, "the only high volume. I picked up an International reNEWed Spicer ESO66-7b 7 speed tranny for $1500. Posts: 28,164 Likes: 165 Received 507 Likes on 424 Posts. Pic shows a dt466 bearing above and the dt360 bearing below. 4i Demand for them is low, since most guys swap them out for a DT466 in the IH trucks. your Vehicle's Year, Make and Model Below! If you need immediate assistance and would like to speak with someone on the phone right now. The 360 is a tough little guy, and can handle more than the Cummins 6BT. Most guys that work around the 360s say they are the best Med Duty engine ever, since they rarely had to work on em. I want to keep the simplicity and cost of Mechanical Injection vs. Started my DT360 swap yesterday. USED DT360 INTERNATIONAL ENGINE WITH 190 HP, 1. There are also numerous Inline 6's found in medium duty trucks and busses that are going to be at the extreme edge of size and weight, that a light truck could support. fb 5y All horsepower peaks listed are at 2,300 rpm and torque peaksFord F700 Custom 6door DT466. I will try to keep this updated as the project progresses. The advantages to those are that they are both wetsleeve engines. The DT 360 is one tough running engine, as is the DT 466. Even when Cold - P0128, P0115 DT360 Swap First Start in Mongo 2005 international 4300 dt466 trouble codes 2007 international 4300 DT466 I C P Sensor Testing no scanner require International DT No Start Issue/ Start no crank diagnosis/ No start diagnosis/no start international T444e trouble codes I’m working on a 2007 International DT466 I. 9 12 valve also work on a IH DT360. Right now the truck is at a friends shop, because mine isnt large enough to be doing an engine swap like that on a truck that long. jg 1974 International Harvester Loadstar Custom Truck Build Specifications. vbcqgc [9POZ2M] Search: vbcqgc. cru 5R110 tuning is only available for 6. Maybe I can swap the 360 motor into my decent DT250A project frame. I know a guy who put a DT360/Allison auto ahead of an M rear end, but it is a fresh tractor so longevity is unknown. Thanks Reply Like #2 06-24-2010, 03:34 PM 85e150. A gas-powered, 65 hp 706 Farmall is a good tractor, but a 130 hp diesel-powered 706 is even better. E4OD/4R100 Stand Alone Controller. would there be any major modifications involved? It's a 1992 International 4700 with an automatic transmission. Get Free Dt466 Engine Swap cummins vs. The 466 takes a lot of work, is 1800lbs and. That's also beneficial for those looking for DT466 replacement engines or swaps. I didn't want to use an auto that might fail next, or spend $5-7000 building a tranny, so I've decided to stay medium duty. DT360 port pipe and carb work was created by akara1. Rating * Name Review Subject * Comments * 7 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews 5 Excellent! Posted by Landon on 10th Sep 2020 This is an excellent kit! With a soldering kit, an impact wrench and a couple of friends to help, we got my 75 Dt250 up and running in just a couple of. zny Nothing wrong with the old 220 if its a runner and starting in 1954 you could get a 3 speed auto behind the BD 220-240 engine which will bolt right to your SD 220. A slightly different DT360 Swap 2008 F450. the engine is a 92 dt360, will be using a 06 allison 1000 for the trans. 360 cubic-inch inline six-cylinder IH DT360 engine. bring '73 CB500K, '74 DT360 and my pit bike, '62 C200 (got a Chinese engine). 5 shaved down to 24 wheels Flipped front axle to lower front end Custom made drop shackles for rear Custom in frame aluminum fuel tank Custom exhaust 1965 mustang seats. We had a 360 put into a 756 abou. I know most M35a2s run with the spicer, no problems there but would need a good. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. I'm aware of the adapters necessary but I can not find any sites of someone that advertises upgrades for the 360. Accuride 10 lug semi wheels and 24″ low profile tires. A 407 out of a combine will need items changed like oil pan , ft cover , rear engine adapter. 9 same displacement, but much stronger in almost every department. Most companies rate there injectors as HP over the stock. A magnetic screwdriver is handy for the screw removal. These were all the older non electronic motors. I know id have to use a big hammer to fit it in but i think that it would be. Yamaha DT, RT, DT250, DT360, DT400 CDI Ignition-12v/180W, 7238799DC Rating * Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name. The International DT360 is a possibility and can be turned up, like the 6BT, but they will be harder to find. dt360 2"longer than the 6bt cummins approx same height, link for fuel system performance pulling stuff; dt360 swap into a super duty with 4r100, 400+hp,. 4 PSD starter prices include Free shipping. 1980 - 1986 Bullnose F100, F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - Dt360 instead of a Cummins - Hey guys, Iv been plannin a Cummins swap in my truck to replace the . I am working on gathering the parts I need to swap a Dt360 into my 99 F250 (v10, . A: DCS maintains the stock Ford TCM/PCM and harness, and with the use of SCT Tuners we modify 5R110 shift points and torque converter lock-up to perform behind the Cummins engine. Complete take out DT360 with inline mechanical pump in frame 1993 International DT360 (Stock #P-24528) Engines & Engine Parts / Engine Assys. I have never heard of anyone doing a DT360 swap. The DT360 is size and weight equivalent to a 5. DT360/DT466 Oil Filter Relocation Kit. Use a 966,766 back plate and flywheel. Manufacturer: International Model: DT360 KIT-LINER SEAL / 360 / FACTORY NEW - NEVER USED - ONE YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY / PLUS SHIPPING. 36 9l Cummins is a 359 cubic inch displacement engine. 1974 Yamaha Prices Values amp Pictures NADAguides. While the DT360 is a legend in its own right, we’ll save the. So aside from the speedometer issues, should be a pretty easy swap. i4r I went from a 175 to the DT360 when I was about 15 and you got that right. Yamaha DT360 Motorcycle Specifications. DT360 Swap parts Up for sale are some items to swap a DT360 into a Ford super duty or F series with an E4OD or 4R100 All items are used I will do a package deal or separate actual shipping on each item, shipping included on package deal. Yep, I'm not saying I haven't pulled really heavy with my 2005 Ram and Gooseneck but it definitely wasn't smart our legal. 993, COMPLETE, INSPECTED AND TESTED RUNNING ENGINE, ALSO MANY ENGINES IN STOCK. j3 Last I heard, the DT360 made 1000+hp long before a 6BT did. Right now I'm thinking of all the parts of it and Im a little hung up as what to do with the transmission/ transfer case. I've started the early planning on a future project (many years down the road) that I plan to power with a mechanically injected International DT360 and a 10-speed Road Ranger SAE2 tranny. 9ya a7t Location: Marlboro Mental Hospital. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. I've been encouraging 360 swaps for a few years now. On a 2 ton or so ,not so bad ,but on a half or 3/4 ton ,all that weight is not good. Use the right adapter plates and frame rails and it's a drop in swap. It's still driveable, but I can't tow with it. 1974 Yamaha Mx 400 Cdi Wiring Colors Electricity Site. There is a 360 and 466 swap page on Facebook. Hydraulic Pumps (UK) Ltd supply hydraulic pumps and motors from all leading manufacturers. Joined Nov 16, 2010 Messages 9 Points 0 Location Copeland, Ks. 5BA For Sale/Rent Deposit/Application $625/mo (706)865-1787. While the DT360 is a legend in its own right, we'll save the. s5n 0qn But it was a terrible idea unless you like extra work and hair pulling. The 360 is comparable in size to a 5. From 1987 to 1993 we bought DT360s as we did not consider the 6. Renntech instead chose to team up with International NaviStar and has released a swap kit to accomadate the DT466 inline-six turbocharged diesel engine from the …. dt466 / dt360 - w i l d h o r s e m f g Below is a dt360 swap into a early 90s ford f350 crew-cab , built and owned by Jonathon Jacukowicz. 410-in stroke) and the D (Diesel, naturally aspirated) and DT (Diesel, Turbo) 360 (5. Sold By: 4 Trucks Enterprises LLC. tc5 9 first generation, had two of them. de Monday – Friday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM E. any experts on here? found some info on here that makes me want to consider one for the burbs diesel swap. The International DT 360 has a displacement of 360 cubic inches or 5. The one that surprised me most were for Oliver and White tractors. pdf CGES-445-3 – DT_DTA-360 Diesel . Find International DT360 and other International construction engines for sale on Machinio. International DT466 Engine Reliability. 0000017581 ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT DIAGRAM MANUAL Electrical Circuit Diagrams-3200, 4100, 4200, 4300, 4400, 7300, 7400, 7500, 8500, 8600 - Supersedes S082854. DT360 transmission options Hello all. We rode some trails on the way down and then headed. 3 IDI V8s to have acceptable performance, fuel mileage or oil consumption rates. 4 engine 02-05 super duty,excursion 2 valve Our Price: $2,793. Vintage Dirt Bike Q amp A • View topic 1974 or 1975 DT. well im looking into doing a dt360 swap i found a motor and tranny for cheap and i think im gonna pick it up. mechanical injection Average miles 12. just use the international 360 out of 766, or 886 it has longer stroke but smaller bore than the 5. We had a 360 put into a 756 about 20 years ago. Specs DT360 180 hp easily tuned to big HP, and for some bucks it'll turn 1000+ HP! Inline mechanical fuel pump T-4 turbo New alternator New starter Remote mount coolant filter Sleeved cylinders (not your typical throw away motor) plus this means an in-frame rebuild is possible Allison 545 Clean tranny Remote mount ATF filter. I am new to the MV scene so I am not sure about clearance issues or if this motor/tranny swap would be good. its weird that its so frigging huge for the small displacement. They’re easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Re: dt360 August 30, 2010 10:14AM: STILL WRONG Dont get the DT360 and the D360 confused the DT is just about the same bore and stroke as the cummins only stronger with a better head. Flywheel machined, $100, new bearing $13, flywheel resurfaced $60: . 3L Power Stroke Diesel - DT360 Swap advice - Not sure, if im in the right category here, if not please advice. It makes it a big more challenging to swap into light-duty trucks like an F-150, F-250, etc. Part Number: 1820851C2, 30 day guarantee for swap or refund. Stared this group for those interested in doing swaps with the Dt466 and dt360 engines as well as general engine tech. Once we get the sheetmetal cut and push the engine back some more, we will build the engine mounts, then it will come back to my place for finishing. manufacturer: maxiforce we're now offering aftermarket rebuild kits and parts ih/navistar dt360, dt414, dt436, & dt466 diesel engine oil pump this is an oil pump for the international harvester/navistar dt360, dt414, dt436, & dt466 dies DT Swiss Star. de Yamaha DT400 DT 400 Exploded View Parts List Diagram Schematics HERE. 00 cubic inches Diesel engine Block Casting No. Big thank you to Matt for all his help. He's got an oil pan, front cover, and back plate from that. Common Rail and HEUI and a little piece of me dies inside when I see a cumminGs swap. wv 8y The best part about the DT360 was that, like a 5. 00 Add to cart; DT466 Exhaust plate $ 140. International Navistar DT360 Rebuild Kit. Schoolbus DT360 engine swap in truck-horrors! Thread starter mccormick; Start date Mar 28, 2011; 1; 2; Next. Well first off the DT 360 out of a truck is NOT the same as the 360 used in 886 The truck engine is a shorter stroke bigger bore. this is the start of my dt360 swap in my square. CSD DT360/DT466 Performance Valve Springs. Feb 26, 2017 - This past weekend I had a few days to work. 3L PSD T444E Engine incl CPS, IPR, ICP, FPR, etc. Exhaust Manifold Kit Part# EXTMF13-2 3007656C97, 3018581C1, 3018582C1, 3018583C1. The main problem will be the weight. 9 Cummins, same bore centers even, in fact if you need a turbo manifold it's easy to modify one off a Cummins to fit the DT360, medium duty or 2003 to 2007 dodge. ac5 Part Number: SKM-RK001 Not Yet Reviewed. 3 version fits transmissions from the 6. CSD DT360 High Strength Pushrods. The 466 with fluids is nearly 1500 lbs,the DT360 is almost as heavy. t8e Both motors were smooth, but were a little noisy at idle. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 19, 2011. INSTRUCTIONS CHU, …9L Cummins, very little had to be done in order for the engine to handle big power. If you are looking to swap into a pickup the 360 is Page 19/27. Literally the same bore stroke as a 5. Used to have another 1466, but traded it. u7 The DT 466 has been around for 30+ years, so it's well proven. 795 exj DT360 Swap First Start in MongoLooking inside an engine during cold start (-30 degrees) All You Need to Know to Fix the 7. And yes, a few mods will make me a monster. 4o qat wondering if the bellhousing is . Read up on our Ford TCM tuning for more detail. After more research I came across the dt360 and figured if I'm going to do a swap, it better be what I want. I originally wanted to do a dt466 in an f350, but that engine was just to huge to be practical. I picked up a 1993 International 5 ton with a DTA360 for $1500, pulled the motor and have tentatively sold the truck for around $1000. 9 swap seems to be a great fit for an 1800. The injection pump used in a truck engine is not the same jus keeping thingss simple here. Get a high quality, affordable Yamaha DT360 Enduro Battery Replacement (1974) with a one-year warranty at High-Tech Battery Solutions. IH-DT360 IH-DT466 Cat 3126/ C7 Ford(NH) 6. I had the same thoughts as you when I heard about the DT360 until I found out its dimensions. Made a bracket for the PS Res, I'm using the res from the bus this engine came from. I found another dt360 for $500 today, I will then get that one rebuilt, and prepped for more power and put it in later. q4 The team spent two and a half years. 9 Cummins and they seem to run very well too. I'm interested in doing a DT360 swap into my '94 F250. My online research has got me at ease about making power with this engine. Everyone only wants to do a Cummins swap. 67 JD 4020, 67 Oliver 1650 , 59 JD 530, 55 Oliver Super 88, 54 Oliver 66, 53 Oliver 88, 52 Oliver 88, 50 Oliver 88,50 Oliver 77, 72 Oliver 75 mower, 57 JD 720 , 45JD B, 48 Allis WC, 58 Cockshutt 550, 59 Oliver 880 x 2. 9l Cummins, or the DT360, the 3208 is a larger engine even being a V-8 design. Usually these engine have a SAE #3 bell-housing , 1999 F550 DT360 Conversion - YouTube. My choice for an engine swap on a small IH would be a DT360 out of a bus. Picked up a P7100 pump talked to scheids about an adapter for it. picture is of it being rebuilt. eqb If i had the money I would put an 8. 4 truck swap to a navistar inline 6 dt360 - project Well after a long time of talking, thinking, and planning, I am taking the jump into a dt engine swap. We offer adapter plates for the Ford ZF5 transmissions found in 1987-1998 Ford pickups. zv Today we stock over 50,000 parts across 5,000 unique applications and represent 50 OEM's to ensure we meet all your heavy-duty engine needs. The DT360 is dimensionally similar to the 5. Can use Alternative Kit - TK31080AP. I have read that may work as all the 250/360/400 74-76 have the same engine mount. (click image to listen) June 21, 2011 Great Location Country Club Hills 2BR/2. Joined Feb 19, 2011 · 1 Posts. It is, according to Brattain, "the only high volume mid-range diesel engine with replaceable wet sleeve architecture. Brugundy/Black Future Tuning by Bosch!!! 416/860. 3L Power Stroke, developed by International Navistar, was introduced during the 1994 model year and available in Ford pickups through the 2003 model year. 7 turbocharger from Barder Turbo Service. One we swapped into a 1975 Dodge one ton dually. Worked on a 700 acre ranch and that thing was a monster on the little dirt roads, but on both sides of those roads was barbed wire fence so it was a little creepy. Updated: Tue, Feb 1, 2022 2:58 PM. I have found a DT360 with spicer 5speed locally in a international 4700 truck. Our custom designed, direct fit adapter plates designed to adapt the DT360/DT466 motor to the 4R100, 5R110, E4OD, ZF5, 7. On another hand a fuel pump works based on the position of cam and camshaft. before people ask, yes i will be putting a d60 in it. It was quite an eventful trip but ended well. First start up of the transplanted DT360 and AT545 transmission into Mongo’s frame. I have seen many big trucks and farm equipment with a 466. 1987-1992 Navistar DT360/DTA360 Engine Service Manual The 360 is comparable in size to a 5. I'm assuming this ecm is set up for auto and I'm standard. This past weekend I had a few days to work. Head gasket has a leak, it over heats . 8 Im dont know that much about the 6. This peaked my interest as there is a rebuild in the future for my. My feelings about the at545 are the same and i have been looking at swapping in a mt643/653 or md3060 the md3060 seems unfathomably more difficult with all the complicated and unclear electronics. Yamaha DT, RT, DT250, DT360, DT400 CDI Ignition-12v/180W, 7238799DC. yff I finally made it to Ohio to get my inline-pumped DT360 for the new swap. alfio, Mar 15, 2022 #4 + Quote Reply. The 466 is kind of a big engine for a pickup. ys 4 truck swap to a navistar inline 6 dt360 - project. Option 6, Cummins Swap, estimated cost $7500-$9000, (find a 5. I know it's an allison transmission and it only has. In 1994 we ordered the DT408 as it replaced the DT360 and recieved a DT466. 00-in stroke) and the D and DT466 (5. 9 Cummins will blow away the old 360 ,unfortunately. Hey guys, I am curious if anyone here has done a DT360 swap into a 60s body style pickup? I am looking for information on how the install is . Nov 15, 2018 · Dt466 Idm Wiring 15. Follow me on Instagram @johnbarnes15. I've seen them go for as low as $1000, and a few for $1500. Wiring Diagram Yamaha Dt360 Wiring Diagram Pictures. dt 466 seems to be a favorite but i think it may be too heavy and bad . Im dont know that much about the 6. case dt360 for what I think is dirt you can't swap the flywheel and stator from a 1970-73 RT1 RT2 or RT3. How do I get a little more power out of my DT360 engine? I understand that if I'm looking for a lot more power then, I need to swap out to a DT466. 000 per years old Example 5 year old vehicle 12,00 X 5 = 60,000 Miles Diesel engines average higher We always will send lowest miles in stock Used Auto and Truck Engines All Engines Guaranteed 180 Days Our used engines are tested and cleaned. Replacing injectors on DT466 10 of the Greatest Diesel Engines - Ever International 4300 DT466 engine rebuild and replacing the head International DT360 rebuild. I have found some crazy high pressure ones but can't see the added stress for what I am looking to do. The build features a custom paint job, a Challenger aluminum. dt360/dt466 - School Bus Fleet Magazine Forums The DT466 is a turbocharged diesel. One used International DT360 diesel engine Comes complete with Turbo. That DT360 is a very interesting swap idea for F350's it really is a fantastic motor and close to the right size i'd take a dt360 over a 5. International Dt360 swap Fso6406 Easton fuller 6 speed transmission 2004 f650 front and rear axles Custom driveline 24. DT466 DT360 D414 DT436 D312 6 Cylinder Diesel Engines Conversio. Eaton Fuller Advantage Series 10-speed transmission. Displacement The International DT 360 has a displacement of 360 cubic inches or 5. The cummins swap is getting popular so I wanted something different. Savings percentage excludes core price. swapping in the DT466 requires firewall work, etc. I have most of the build progress from the last 3 years on a DT swap Facebook page but. This is a 1996 International DT466 that I'm installing in a 2004 F350. To do the fuel you take off the plug with either a 3/8" or 10 mm allen wrench. There is a massive aftermarket and community out there for Cummins, but virtually nothing for the DT360. As I have gathered so far, I would have to sacrifice my first born for someone to make an adapter plate for the ZF5 or ZF6. it would still require some fab work but if you got the eng/trans combo and all of the brackets for the mounts. Modern Driveline offers five and six-speed overdrive packages and components for all-year of Ford Trucks. 9 and you can use international parts to put it in. I have a lead on a 92 dt360 that I may jump on. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 22, 2009. First start up of the transplanted DT360 and AT545 transmission into Mongo's frame. Comes with a hydraulic master and slave cylinder and shifter arm. heard the dt360 is similar to ford 300 6 in size and can make 270 hp. the motor at that mileage should be worth roughly 36-3800 alone 1995 F350 CCLB DT360/Allison 1997 F350 RCLB 460/E40D. Are you up for buying jets? Like I said, I like vintage bikes . to LS Engine - Motor Mount Adapter Plate - Universal Swap Bracket Small Block . the dt360 is a 360 cubic inch displacement engine the 5. I have an oppty to buy a rough 1974 DT360 that is advertised as RT360. I was planning on using it for a DT360 swap in the future; I've decided I want . Carson Stauffer Diesel Service helped out greatly with the swap, The DT360 is dimensionally similar to the 5. Bosch supplied the industry’s first fuel injection system with a high pressure electric fuel pump in 1967. I've been researching this swap and have found that the Cummins to Super Duty has I will have to fabricate motor mounts for the DT360. The 360 and 466 do come underpowered usually, but that's mostly to keep knuckleheads from ripping up the drive train. Well after a long time of talking, thinking, and planning, I am taking the jump into a dt engine swap. That’s also beneficial for those looking for DT466 replacement engines or swaps. The engine is a twin-turbo LS3 producing around 800-1,000 horsepower. Hey, I am new to the forum and still figuring it out. 3 and the 466 i know far sure would be a neat swap to do. Yes they're the same cubic inches, but the DT360 is a much heavier engine compared to the 6BT. Carter is a leading OEM supplier and manufacturer of complete fuel system solutions and water pumps for the professional installer and original equipment manufacturers. Any off the shelf springs for 600 ish hp. If you are looking to swap into a pickup the 360 is the one people are using. But I'd been thinking about one of those if I decided to just rebuild the 466. Get Shipping Quotes Apply for Financing.