90w Gear Oil EquivalentThe Toyota LSD-TL gear oil provided by Dealer is only for 2008 and newer per service bulletin T-SB-0118-08 July 25 2008. rvz I was wondering if anyone could tell me who makes a GL3 Gear Oil besides Chrysler @$16. What I found was key is to get a really viscous gear oil more than the heavier one's. tractor and one filler cap behind the gear shift. An example is the common Aisin AX-15 used through the 90s in Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers. Contains special anti-wear and lubricity agents. probably has the original 1984 oil in it. Manual says: top off every 50 hours with Steam Cylinder oil or EP90 gear oil. Applicable for on-highway light and heavy-duty trucks, buses, vans and cars. Barrier creams may help to protect the exposed areas of skin, they should however not be applied once exposure has occurred. If doing street riding just throw a reputable 4-stroke 10w-40 in there. It is formulated to exceed the requirements of front and rear differentials, transfer cases, transaxles, manual transmissions, oil-lubricated wheel bearings and steering. HP GEAR OIL EP are multipurpose gear oils containing extreme pressure additives for moderate service conditions. Single; 1 Quart Bottle; 75W-90; Synthetic; GL-4 Gear Oil. 081 Lucas SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil is a non-foaming, super slick, long lasting lubricant designed especially for heavy duty or high performance applications where other gear lubricants just aren't good enough. They have the same chain and if you use gear oil it is so thick that it can become trapped between the chain and gears at speed and cause the chain. Gear Oil GL-5 SAE 80W-90 gear lubricant is recommended for use in spiral bevel and hypoid differentials, power dividers, and oil-lubricated steering axle . But no one (locally, at least) has a synthetic GL-5 SAE 90 gear. View details, map and photos of this co-op property with 3 bedrooms and 2 total baths. It is non-corrosive to soft yellow metals (brass, bronze, copper, etc. It is 65mm high and is ideal fit for the tight space in Honda converted Elise. The modern equivalent of 90w mineral oil is TSC Traveller brand GL -1 or NAPA part number 65 -205. 75 Gear Reduction Installation Instructions & Parts List For use with: RO. But this is only on a manual transmission. Valvoline™ Gear Oil GL-4 SAE 80W-90. I go to the local "good old boy" auto parts store that also has a good access to Tisco parts for my tractors, to get my 90W GL-1, in the 5 . It performs 2 major functions of paramount importance to ensure proper operation, efficiency and "maintain-ability": Black opaque color of. When you need to clear brush on the farm, private land, or cut the trees as landowner, tree companies, power companies, don't hesitate to come to us. They provide outstanding protection, even in some of the most extreme operating conditions. Its the same as using a volume spacer. This viscosity is ideal for colder climates, while still maintaining adequate high-temperature viscosity. The other option is the Mann W811/80 oil filter. STP® Premium Small Engine 4 Cycle Oil SAE-30. it will swell once you go over the operating temp for the oil. However, I don't recommend changing it unless the jack hammer is either low on oil or has had at least 25 hrs or use or more. A drain plug in the center of the pan on the bottom. 10 rear axle and my shop manual says to use gear oil with Ford part number "XY-90-QL". Castrol Outboard EP 90 is designed for use in manual shift outboard and stern drive gearcases of outboard and inboard engines. My RC1048 calls for: EP80W-90 gear oil. d2 2L Specification Cutting Width:. Castrol's Classic gear oils include 'straight' mono-grades, extreme pressure, automatic transmission fluids and semi-fluid greases. The Society of Automotive Engineers publishes the Axle and Manual Transmission Lubricant Viscosity Classification,. The biggest issues with gear oils are foaming inhibition and extreme pressure. Gearboxes do not have an oil pump, so the high viscosity is needed to distribute the oil and to keep it on the metal surfaces, as. Does non-synthetic SAE 90, 80W, or 80W-90 gear oil (the closest I've found is 75W-90) by Royal Purple, Amisol, Mobil1, or any reputable brand even exist? If so, where do I get it? 2. " Get the equivalent oil at TSC as Traveller brand GL1 or NAPA, Part No. I have an AX-15 Tranny and it calls for 75W90 "GL3" Gear Oil. The maxima is 116 [email protected], so 75w90 is going to be really close. Or you can use the funnel and empty it back into an old oil bottle. For highly stressed vehicle transmissions without limited-slip differentials, especially axle drives with hypoid gears. SCA Gear Oil 75W-90 Semi Synthetic 4 Litre. I even e-mailed one of the oil companies and was told they don't sell it by the quart. STP® Premium Small Engine 4 Cycle Oil SAE 10W-30 Download English. ACDelco Synthetic Axle Lubricant GL-5 (75W-90) is a high performance lubricant for GL-5 axles at extreme temperatures and pressures. INDUSTRIAL GEAR OIL · ISO Grade : 220 · ANSI/AGMA Standard 9005-E02, Anti-Scuff/Anti-Wear (EP) Oils · DIN 51517 Part 3, Lubricating Oils, Type CLP · Fives . qe2 zd8 I have been using 80-90w hypoid rated gear oil for over 9000 miles now and the only chirp I heard is the birds in the trees lol. zz0 uqb 145 w/ auto command transmission, or equivalent acceptable mower brand/model: alamo brahma flail or equivalent The heavy free-wheel gear box runs in an oil bath, so the transmission oil has to be filled up before you first use the machine. Oil storage container - I use a modified 2 litre soda bottle to store the oil until I recycle it at the mechanics down the road. ui Is there a xxw-xx equivalent? B. The biggest improvement you can give it is a lubricant that will allow the gears to survive the highway speeds that cars see today. Can Chevron Delo® Syn-Gear HD SAE 75W-90 gear lubricant be mixed with Chevron Multigear™ EP-5 SAE 80W-90? Yes, they are compatible products. Automotive Lubricant Viscosity Grades Gear Oils - Except SAE J 306, 1998 SAE VISCOSITY GRADE ASTM D2983 TEMPERATURE oC FOR VISCOSITY OF 150000mPa. Simplicity multi-purpose oil is Simplicitys name for it to get you to buy it from them at a higher price. Dual clutch transmission oil 8100 is especially also suited for dual clutch transmissions equipped with a shared oil supply for clutch, synchronisation, gear set and hydraulic control. Motor oil contains additives such as detergents and dispersants to combat byproduct chemicals from gasoline or diesel ignition. HP Lubricants Gear Drive EP-90 API GL4 Gear Oil (1 L) Brand: HP Lubricants. Use only Ford MC -134D hydraulic oil or 90w mineral oil. You're in the right place to learn about John Deere Plus-50™ II Engine Oil - including our brand new line of SAE 5W-40. I know it sounds confusing, but I own two of the 75/90W gear oils from Amsoil and the one promoted for fuel efficiency is alot more viscous than the heavy duty version I have. ox Choose an Option 1 l 20 l 60 l 205 l. Some believe that "W" stands for winter, I haven't ever seen that as fact in any of the SAE oil documents. I want to change the front axle gear lube on my 2006 1500 sierra. The product is already in the wishlist! Add to wishlist. More on point, the lucas gear oil indicates it exceeds GL-5 standards and has limited slip. The mechanic said that it was in excellent shape, and that I wouldn't need to oil it at all. This may or may not help in your choices. Neither of these products are SAE 90 gear oil - they are multi-purpose oils with an exceptionally high viscosity index engineered specifically for this type of application. The parts guy sold me: GM# 88900401 75w-90 Synthetic Lube Plus a small bottle of LSD additive (which had read in many posts that I should not. Performance, Features & Benefits · Superior load carrying ability The EP additives contained in Shell Spirax S4 AX 80W-90. So it looks like I will need about two quarts of 80W-90 gear oil for the Rear differential and power transfer unit fluid changes. Oil specification: 80-90w gear oil, 1. Buy ACDelco 10-4016 75W-90 Synthetic Axle Gear Oil. That's why it used to be common practice to thin the oil with kero for winter use OR use 75W gear oil in the winter (roughly equiv. 19 This is a multi-grade version of EP gear oil that will perform a bit better as an all season oil than the originally recommended gear oils but not as well as the UTF products. Lucas Industrial Gear Oil is a blend with the highest quality base oils and additives to provide extreme pressure protection, resistance to foam and. They are designed to provide excellent load carrying capacity, extreme pressure properties, anti-foam performance, demulsibility, corrosion protection. tw9 Wakefield was the forerunner to Castrol Oils. qd u8 People often run down to their local automotive store and get something like Lucas Oil 10046 SAE 80W-90 Heavy Duty Gear Oil - 1 Gallon or Sta-Lube SL24239 SAE 85W90 Multi-Purpose Hypoid Gear Oil - 1 Gallon. 0 cSt which runs from a light 40 grade engine oil to a light 50 grade. One of the applications is for worm gear boxes, is supposed to prevent rust. Transfer case will take about the same oil. mqp If your mower is still under warranty then go ahead and use the Snapper brand to avoid any issues. Mobil Delvac Gear Oil 80W-90 and 85W-140 are high performance, heavy duty gear lubricants formulated from high performance base oils and an . 0k Platinum ATF Protectant #63010 may also be used as a premium substitute. This item is eligible for free replacement, within 10 days of delivery, in an unlikely event of damaged, defective or different item delivered. A gear lubricant and an engine oil having the same viscosity will have widely different SAE grade designation as defined in the two classifications. All my stuff is old enough to just get by with 90W gear oil except the newest Cub Cadet which is a hydrostatic drive, so it and the hyd. I've used some Pennzoil 80W-140 gear oil for my Snapper that my Dad had left in his garage. Lucas Oil is long-lasting and provides superb slickness. Ford Transmission Fluid Useage Charts and go down to page 5. Castrol has over 100 years of experience in developing transmission fluids, and is the choice of many leading car and . Redline 75w90 is rated as 112 [email protected] Behind that, your transfer case and front and rear differentials would like nice thick gear oil, not something thin like ATF. From everything I have read the front is not supposed to get synthetic but I just wanted to verify. In this cross reference tool, PSC offers this Mobilgear 629 and/or equivalent products of the similar quality and performance. , these oils are blended from selected base Download Pdf About Mobilube Ep 80w90 Gear Oil Equivalent, #mobilube #ep #80w90 #gear #oil #equivalent http. rm It does not contain any aggressive load carrying additives that may cause corrosion damage to ferrous and non ferrous metal types used in these types of vehicles. High-Performance Worm Gear Oil SAE 90 & SAE 140 DESCRIPTION: OMEGA 680 High-Performance Worm Gear Oil is a high-performance lubricant designed exclusively for worm gear and other heavy-duty applications. Any ordinary generic brand 80-90w Gear oil available at Walmart, or any auto store. What is 90w Gear Oil Equivalent. Transoil 90 is premium non EP, API GL-1 rated SAE 90 gear oil designed specifically for use in veteran, vintage and Edwardian gearbox, transaxles and selected spur and bevel type rear axles. i changed the rear diff fluid with 75-90W gear oil. But Mercury oils have additives to prolong life and are better. Viscosity is the thickness of an oil. Country of Origin is subject to change. 060 On a hot day after the engine and drivetrain has warmed up, it is possible to see 15PSI at idle without any concern. What is the correct or equivalent oil for this tractor? Read some old messages and there was a 20 at & 80/90 mentioned. SynGear 75W-90 - Synthetic Gear Oil. jb 1tg All products are manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality endorsed . If it's going into a marine engine, DO NOT use oil that's not. To change the fluid, start by removing the pipe plug under the rear end and move forward to the hydraulic pump and then the transmission. 971 AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR® (80W-90) provides superior performance and replaces competitors' 80W-90 gear oils. Since Transfer cases had straight gears prior to the 60's and used 90w gear oil, and have used a synchronizer since and used 90w, motor oil or any trani fluid, I have NEVER heard of a TC failing due to the type of lubricant used. (Gear oil and motor oil aren't measured on the same scale, ~85W gear oil = 30W motor oil). Q8 Gear Oil XG 80W-90 SECTION 2: Hazards identification Other hazards which do : not result in classification Prolonged or repeated contact may dry skin and cause irritation. See below for the equivalent products and select the 'View Manufacturer Info & Data Sheets' tab for safety data sheets, as well as product data sheets to compare specifications. HEAVY DUTY MULTI-PURPOSE GEAR LUBRICANTS are blended with high quality base stocks and additives to inhibit oil oxidation, protect against corrosion, and . AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 is designed to replace, 75W-90, 75W-85, 80W-90, SAE 80 or SAE 90 gear oils. Oct 20, 2021 뜀 Apr 06, 2008 뜀 Synthetic gear oil is the best , it helps old tech synchros shift easier. Add gear oil to your vehicle based on engine type, driving conditions and ambient temperature. The oils adhere to the gears even when subjected to high heat and friction, and they resist water to help protect metal gears from corrosion. My plan was to flush with fuel oil. HP Gear Oil 80W-90 is formulated to meet the requirements of driveline manufacturers who recommend an API Service Classification GL-5 gear oil and is . of 90W gear lube to level plug (Ref #5950). p8 this oil is made for open gear case. That's the equivalent of your 580's power shuttle using Case TCH or the Tenneco Hytrans Fluid mentioned in the chart. If your car is subjected to extreme environments or driving conditions, it may be necessary to change your gear oil more often. Gear lube might be a tad heavy but it's closer to chain and . gear oil is a whole lot lighter than 90 weight motor oil would be. c9 Gargoyle DTE Heavy Medium or Equivalent (Saybolt universal viscosity 300-325 So what oil should I use Kearney & Trecker Milwaukee Model K No3? 80w gear oil 20/30w crank case oil Looking for a low cost solution for this. If you are using 90w gear oil or 30wt motor oil, use it where it is recommended. I called a few shops, 1 said ATF, 2 said 80/90w, and the last one (who professed to having rebuilt more than 30 T5's) said it calls for ATF, but if I wanted it to shift smoothly AND last a while, to put a high quality 5/30w "detergent" motor oil in it. As far as the gear case capacity I don't know but you. Chevron Gear Oil GL-1 SAE 90 are rust and oxidation inhibited gear oils that are recommended for many automotive and industrial equipment where the equipment suppliers recommend the use of a straight mineral oil in SAE viscosity grades 90 (ISO 220) or 140 (ISO 460). 1997-2011 LS engines idle with 20-30PSI of oil pressure typically. Choosing the Right Formula When you start shopping for gear oil. If I went with the standard gear oils (85w-140 or 80w-90 or 75w-110), GL-5, which alternative would you. HP Gear Oil 80W-90 with LS applications. SAE Gear Oil Equivalents ISO GRADE 32 10W -- ISO GRADE 46 20 -- ISO GRADE 68 20 -- ISO GRADE 100 30 -- ISO GRADE 150 40 90 ISO GRADE 220 50 90 ISO GRADE 320 -- 90 ISO GRADE 460 -- 140 ISO GRADE 680 -- 140 For further reference, also refer to the Fundamentals of Viscosity, SAE Viscosity Grades for Engine Oil & our Glossary of Energy Terms. The viscosity has no relation with the API Gear Oil Classification and should be chosen based on the recommendations from the manufacturer based on the temperatures where you will drive. Equivalent Viscosity of ISO-VG Grades at 40oC and SAE Crankcase Oil Grades ISO-VG Grade SAE Crankcase Oil Grade 22 5W 32 10W 46 15W 68 20W 100 30 150 40 220 50 320 60 Equivalent Viscosity of ISO-VG Grades at 40oC and SAE Aircraft Oil Grades ISO-VG Grade SAE Aircraft Oil Grade 100 65 150 80 220 100 320 120 Equivalent Vi. For starters, gear oil can come in much higher viscosity ratings. 8q If you read the Dodge DR-Truck Service Manual for our trucks you will see the AAM 11. Better overall performance than conventional oils. For the tansmission I switched to Belray gear oil as sold by HD dealer. Use only Ford MC-134D hydraulic oil or 90w mineral oil. OEP 220 - Use a straight 90W gear oil or an 85W90. You can use a good 90W gear oil and or a synthetic equivalent,I have used both Attachments 130044932860518017_26257430996_o (1). vz This weight of oil can be purchased at your local parts store or at Walmart in a brand of your choice. SAE 90 gear oil is equivalent to 50wt engine oil (SAE 80 = 30wt), so you could always dump that in instead if you want. It may compare with your 80-90w gear oil. Provide protection against welding, scuffing and galling of the gear teeth. 90W is Gear Lube, like what would go in a differential on a car, while transmission fluid is "transmission fluid" and they're completely different. CRC makes it and I think that it is available at Advance Auto Parts. 75W85 synthetic gear fluid meeting Ford. with gear oils a 75w/90 or 80w/140 could well. I change the oil about every 200 miles when running 10w30 or -40, and maybe every 100 miles with ATF-F. Not listed is a modern SAE 80W90 gear oil. jxs Synthetic oil is by far better for performance. Gear Lubricant, API GL-1 Transmission Oil SAE 90 Phillips 66® Transmisison Oil SAE 90 is an SAE 90 mineral oil gear lubricant recommended for use in manual transmissions, transfer cases and rear axle assemblies of automotive, farm and off-highway equipment where the manufacturer specifi es an API GL-1 gear oil. 90W GL-4 lubricants are another active designation that are intended for the lubrication of axles with spiral, bevel gears which operate at moderate and severe speeds, loads, and temperatures. They meet Bobcat Engineering's high performance requirements, long life and reliability specifications for Bobcat equipment in all conditions from extreme sub-zero temperatures to high-temperature use. hi guys can some one tell me what grade of oil i need for the front and rear axle's and gearbox and transfer box on my 42 gpw. Special ep additives to reduce Pinion gear wear. 2oc It can replace any of these with no worries or risk. They are suitable for heavy-duty truck and automotive differentials, manual transmissions and oil lubricated wheel bearings. The higher the grade, the thicker the oil, and the less it flows. Is this straight 90w gear oil?. I have a older garden tractor (Wheel Horse) that has a gear drive transmission. Rare exceptions are those transaxles where the crownwheel and gearbox share the same lubricant. previous owner was using synthetic 75-90w gear oil. When I bought it, the reverse shaft bearing was shot and when it went, it busted the trans case. At 2000 RPM, you should see 45PSI. Hey hope all is well with everyone. It just thins less than a straight 80w would, ending up as thick as a 90w would be when warm. ISO 320 is equivalent to SAE 85W140, ISO 460 is equivalent to SAE 140, ISO 680-1000 is equivalent to SAE 250. Lower pressures are noted at idle but that's expected. Handling and storage Handling Safe handling advice Ensure adequate ventilation. STA-LUBE®, founded in 1933 and an innovator in the use of additives to create high performance motor oil, was acquired by CRC in 1995. 360 Can 75W-90 replace 80W 90? Ans: Yes, you can mix 75w90 with 80w90. 26: Nuto H 68: Tellus Oil 68: Sunvis 831 WR: Rando oil HDC 68: Gear Oil (ISO VG 68) Mobilgear 626: Spartan EP 68: Omala Oil 68: Sunep 1050: Meropa 68 (ISO VG 150) Mobilgear 629: Spartan EP 150: Omala Oil 50: Sunep 1070: Meropa 150 (ISO VG 220. The standards that modern lubricants are required to meet mean that modern-day transmission oils are often of low viscosity and are significantly less suitable, or unsuitable, for use in the transmissions of classic vehicles. The smallest pail of Mobilgear is 5 gallons, which is enough for 128 oil changes or about 38,400 hours (4. Containers to be fitted with child-resistant. The owners manual calls for 75W-90 GL4 or GL5, so I used Valvoline 75W-90 GL5 oil. 75W-90 gear oil is a lubricant designed for manual transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials. Mobil Delvac Synthetic Gear Oil 75W-90 Mobilube HD Plus 80W-90 Mobilube HD Plus 85W-140 Mobil1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75W-140 Peterbilt SAE 50 Peterbilt 75W-90 Peterbilt FE 75W-90 Peterbilt EP 80W-140 Petronas Axle Oil 75W-85 FF Shell Spirax S6 AXME 75W/90 Shell Spirax S4 AX 80W/90. Lucas Oil 10048 — Great for Synthetic Transmission and Differential. Any info/ suggestions (polite!) would be useful. 5 Gear Lubricant®—SAE 80W-90 or equivalent through dipstick fill opening until oil level is correct. 25: Tellus Oil 46: Sunvis 821 WR: Rando Oil HDB 46 (ISO VG 68) Mobil D. Hypoid Gear Oil (GL5) SAE 85W-90. ql It is an extreme pressure, multi-grade gear oil. There are two options for the oil filter with this kit. And using a non-EP gear oil where an EP gear oil is needed, such as in a hypoid final drive, will lead to excessive wear and premature gear failure. If you use synethic, the engine will rev a little easier. Save more with Subscribe & Save. CNH sells their oil as "Ambra G134" Get the equivalent oil at TSC as Traveller brand GL1 or NAPA, Part No. All vehicles come with a maintenance schedule for its fluids and filters based on mileage. 09, 305 45 17 MT "R", ATI, Catless mids 10. 52 Gear Oil 80W-90 is a premium mineral automotive gear oil manufactured with modern extreme pressure additives and friction modifiers, meeting the requirements of API GL-5/6 and MT-1, as well as many other manufacturer specifications. eyd The only difference between 80W-90 and 90 gear oil is that 80W-90 has been tested to and is guaranteed to flow at a lower temperature than a straight 90 oil when it is cold. It contains the correct dosage of Limslip additive eliminating the need for an. When taking apart the gear box it's pretty much a cast iron box with a couple of gears, a bronze sleeve bearing and some needle bearings. Its high viscosity index allows use in a wide range of temperatures. Or, you can use SAE 90W gear oil. It also may be used in light-duty. Gear Oil ACDelco GEAR OIL GL-5 (80W-90) ACDelco Select SAE LS 80W-90 is a high performance limited slip hypoid gear oil for highly stressed normal and limited slip differentials, formulated with high quality base stocks and EP additive system to reduce friction and operating temperature in limited slip applications. A synthetic oil has better operating characteristics at either end of a temperature range and so they normally have a wider viscosity difference. Lucas SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil is a non-foaming, super slick, long lasting lubricant designed especially for heavy duty or high performance applications where other gear lubricants just aren't good enough. Max Gear 75W-90 is recommended for use in truck and automotive front or rear differentials, manual transmissions and lower gear units of marine engines that specify the use of an API GL-5 or GL-4 fluid. Bobcat's range of oils and lubricants are custom blended and made from the finest base oils and specific additives. If the vehicle has exceeded the recommended mileage for service of the gear or differential oil, it is highly recommended to have it changed. 6w 293 SUPREME GEAR LUBE SAE 80W-90, ISO 150 AND 220 Supreme Gear Lube is a multipurpose, thermally stable, thermally durable, parasynthetic gear lubricant recommended for use in all types of enclosed industrial and automotive gear drives where extreme pressure characteristics are needed. Equivalent Viscosity of ISO-VG Grades at 40 o C and SAE Crankcase Oil Grades. Can anyone confirm if they are one and the same?TIA, Christopher. 10W40 motor oil is equivalant to a 90W gear oil, it's simply a different rating system for viscosities of the two. Here's some oil temp/pressure thoughts from a non-A&P owner. Shop OEM Toyota Part # 0888502506 (08885-02506, 0888502406). Today's marine and auto gear lube have identical API specs so whatever is "better" with marine lube is most likely closer to advertising hype than reality. I pulled apart the differential and replaced several components. Kubota Excavator Gear Oil is formulated and designed to meet the stressful requirements of Kubota’s Excavators. It offers improved low temperature flow compared to SAE 90 axle oil and full protection of hypoid gears in axles or differentials in vehicles where recommended by the manufacturer. Hello, I went to my kawi dealer today to buy some of that special oil they use for the rear wet brake and diff and the parts guy told me to use regular 90w gear oil :shock:. xi Hi-Tec GEAR OILS are superior GL-5 gear oils designed to provide: Excellent Thermal Stability, Much Improved Oil Seal Life, Much Improved Durability (Gear . Only use this chart to find an oil equivalent to the manufacturer’s recommended oil for your tractor or truck. the manual calls for 80w-90 gear lube GM pn 1052271, is this a synthetic? I know the rear axle is supposed to use synthetic. Then they said to use a 90W gear oil instead. No rating value average rating value is 0. After talking with the previous owner, he ran it low of fluid (leaking axle seals), the filled it with 80-90w gear oil. but you might find a better price on it somewhere. 5ov Just like using oil, but you're using grease. Browse our range of gear oils, order online and collect at a Repco near . Hence the awful smell! Edited March 5, 2018 by ToroHorse Typo 2. fluid every 30,000 mi (48,000 km), if the. Some of the transmissions use gear oil, and some use ATF. For example, Shell Spirax S6 AXME and Shell Spirax S6 GXME have special frictional properties and high fluidity that reduce power loss, lower the operating temperature and offer higher mechanical efficiency. From high-speed gearing in turbomachinery to slow-turning gear reducers, lubricant selection, application and condition have perhaps the single-largest effect on the reliability and longevity of gearboxes. 150,000 mi (240,000km) service interval. Valvoline Gear Oil GL-4 provides increased protection and lubrication of the gearbox and the transaxle over a wide temperature range. The oil and lubricants in a model a are generally highly debated. Hypoid like on cars, you can use 75w-90, or 80W-90 or 85W-90…. AGMA 5EP Amoco Permagear EP220 or equivalent I've also tried to find it. Pennzoil ® Axle 80W-90 is a high quality, mineral axle oil for use in vehicle differentials and gears where SAE 80W-90, API GL-5 performance is needed. A general category monograde SAE EP 90** pre-SAE J306 in 1970 had a wide viscosity range specification of [email protected] of 13. As AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 is an ultra-low-friction synthetic formula. Exxon Gear Oil GX 80W-90 is or was manufactured by Exxon Corporation. 90W gear oil is about equal in viscosity to 30 or 40 weight motor oil. Includes: Exceeds API GL-5 and MT-1 performance specifications; Engineered for passenger cars and light trucks operating under high-stress conditions. Either it, or NH 134D is the proper oil for those sumps on your tractor. 80W-90 oil is as thin as an 80W oil when cold, and as thick as a 90W oil when hot. Is 20w 50 Engine Oil Gear Oil Equivalent? It is not possible to compare the viscosity of engine oils and gear oils. Designed for all shaft drive motorcycles w/o a wet clutch including BMW and Moto Guzzi. The base grade of a gear oil shows its underlying properties and is determined by a GL number: GL-1 to GL-3 - Basic and outdated oils for manual transmissions and axles that lack particular additives to cope with extreme pressures, friction and heat. 90W-Mono SAE 250 10W-30 50 85W-110 SAE 30 Show More Show Less. Watch me change the water pump oil on a Stanley 2,500 PSI pressure washer:. Gear oil is a lubricant made specifically for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in automobiles, trucks, and other machinery. Jun 4, 2015 #5 MHarryE Elite Member Joined Feb 15, 2009 Messages 2,761 Location Northeastern Minnesota Tractor. Do not breathe vapours or spray mist. Find mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic gear oils including differential, transaxle and agricultural oil for sale. Some cars (including later Corvairs) came with military specs instead of API gear oil specs. See below for the equivalent products and select the 'View Manufacturer Info & Data Sheets' tab for safety data sheets, as well as product data sheets to compare specifications, approvals, properties, and performance characteristics. Halfords Gear Oil EP 80W/90 GL-4 1L. Traveller All Season Hydraulic Oil ISO 46, 2 gal. So the debate at the last Houston HH was: Side 1: Gear oil is MUCH heavier in weight than motor oil, since it is says on the bottle 90W. The 80W-90 GL-5 gear oil is typically used in special circumstances. 2tk Then take your wife's multi-speed electric hand mixer and mix for 15-20 minutes. Information on 600W Oil Everything I've found indicates 600W was mineral based gear oil, early Model T data talks about 600W Steam Cylinder Oil, which research showed having a viscosity of ISO600/ 680. HP Gear Oil 80W-90 is formulated to meet the requirements of driveline manufacturers who recommend an API Service Classification GL-5 gear oil and is suitable for use in standard and limited slip differentials. Mercruiser Diesel Engine Oil Capacity. Mobilube HD Plus Gear Oil is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in: Heavy-duty manual transmissions, axles and final drives requiring API GL-5 and MT-1 level performance. SAE 90 gear oil is equivalent to 50wt engine oil (SAE 80 = 30wt), so you could always dump that in instead if. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS; 129 Lockwood Street; Newark, NJ 07105; P. Vehicles use more than just engine oil. For example, many modern gearboxes use a 75w90 gear oil, which is actually of equivalent viscosity to a 10w40 motor oil, 90w gear oil is the equivalent viscosity as 50w engine oil. When I drained out the original oil (no service on the tranny has ever been done that I know of, I am the original owner of the truck, etc), it looked and smelt like regular 80-90W gear oil as near as I could tell. Because the viscosity of gearbox and engine oils are measured on different scales, an SAE 80 gearbox oil is roughly equivalent in viscosity to an SAE 20 engine . cik Chevron Delo Gear Lubricant ESI SAE 80W-90 is the first nonsynthetic gear oil approved for the extended warranty program of Dana Spicer heavy duty axles and is an approved lubricant for drive axles under the Eaton Roadranger E500™ Extended Warranty Program. izf (ie More viscosity) Side 2: Gear oil is measured different than motor oils. Recommended for transmissions or manual gearboxes of some trucks and buses VOLVO, TERBERG, SEDDON ATKINSON, LEYLAND TRUCK-SCAMMEL, LEYLAND DAF. I'm assuming they mean 90W Gear Oil, but does anybody know for sure?. In order to overcome this predicament and presumbly some other reasons,API/SAE updated J306 and split. oqe Mild EP gear oil suitable for gearboxes and transaxles when the manufacturer specifies a GL-4 oil. Api viscosity ratings for gear oils are not directly comparable with oil, 90w gear oil is the equivalent viscosity as 50w engine oil. Just as the gear types used in automotive gear applications differ, so do the gear lubricants they require. This lubricant perfectly fits the heavy-duty and high-performance applications, for which many other gear lubes are not good enough. Dmitri Kopeliovich Gear oil is a fluid lubricant used in gears (gearboxes) for reduction of friction and wear of the gear tooth surfaces, removal of the heat generated by the operating gear and corrosion protection of the gear parts. The Tranny should have a drain plug on the bottom and a fill plug on the side. In this cross reference tool, PSC offers this Exxon Gear Oil GX 80W-90 and/or equivalent products of the similar quality and performance. GL-4 – The world’s most common base oil grade, the oils of which contain good volumes of. Of all the lubricated components out there, there are few more pervasive than gearboxes. Choose an Option 500 ml 1 l 20 l 60 l 205 l. 10w-40 4-stroke is equivalent to 75w-90 gear oil I read somewhere. 90W hypoid gear oil alternatives? I am going to change my rear differential oil on my 81 240D and have been having trouble finding the SAE . Straight-weight oils maintain their viscosity throughout the range of operating temperatures. The following are some of the most common gear lubricant specifications and their intended applications: API GL-4 – Intended for gear sets with light to heavy load and sliding forces. Equivalent to 10W-30 according SAE J300. I would run a 80w-90 or 75w90 oil in both. CNH sells their oil as "Ambra G134. Today CRC supplies the broad line of STA-LUBE "Intentionally Better Products," including greases, gear oils, service oils and fluids, hand cleaners, additives and lubrication equipment, all rigorously tested to meet OE specs and the highest quality standards. 9v I would like to put back something that meets or exceeds manufacturers specifications and it is my understanding that the term: "Hypoid. STP® Premium 2 Cycle Fuel & Oil Pre-Mix with Fuel Stabilizer. 5j7 Apply a light coating of anti-seize compound or grease to engine shaft and install 3/16" key, which is supplied with the engine. GL-4 - The world's most common base oil grade, the oils of which contain good volumes of. 18a Contains additional friction modifiers for suitability with clutch-type limited slip differentials - for most LSDs, no additional friction modifiers are required. Synthetic oil lasts longer than mineral oil and withstands a wider range of temperatures. The main difference between GL-4 and GL-5 gear oils is the amount of EP additives. Gear (gearbox) is a mechanical assembly transmitting energy of rotational motion and changing its parameters (torque, speed, direction) by means of toothed. or 4 interest-free payments of $8. I find that is the case with the Polaris synthetic gear oil. 3o changed my front and rear with the 75W-90W gear oilcould not find the "GL-4" at Wally's so used "GL-5". 6r The viscosity of the fluid largely determines the oil temperatures within which the hydraulic system can safely operate. High viscosity index; Excellent film . Thanks in part to synthetic base oils, Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS is stable across a wide range of temperatures. Lucas Oil 1 Gallon, Lucas Oil LUC10046 SAE 80W-90 Heavy Duty Gear Oil Lucas Oil - Excellent for high performance and heavy-duty applications. x9 Motor oil & gear oil NEVER gets any thicker as it heats it only thins out as it gets hotter. From what I can find, the modern equivalent is MOBILGEAR 600 XP 320, which is an ISO 320 gear oil. Most modern automotive SAE 90 gear oil miss the [email protected] *C by a small margin though close , you need its equivalent in automotive SAE. wj asw It really needed changing as the oil was dark with a metallic sheen, and these trannys have had a number of early failures (60-100K mi. He said that compared to motor oil wt, the 320 would be 110 wt and the 460 would be 140 wt. GL-1 is hard to find, and finding one with a . The Toyota part # 08885-81081 is listed on the front of the Ravenol bottle. Is there a Castrol SAF-XO 75w-90 gear oil?. 50 However, if you use your vehicle for hauling, towing, or other stressful driving situations during the summer, 75W-140 gear oil may provide. It worked with great success and should be ok to use today in a 54 omc. In the original owners manual for my B-110 and in the B-110/B-112 parts manual they call for the Simplicity multi-purpose hydraulic fluid - which is what I've always used. 0 semi synthetic, or mineral gear oil we have the viscosity grade and great product availability to keep you on the road. Maintaining the gear oil in your vehicle is crucial to the life of your manual transmission and differential. Castrol's classic greases each have their own special applications for early motor vehicles. In 54 they (omc) speced 90w auto gear lube. We have the best Gear Oil for the right price. 0k Autran FD60 is an SAE 60 monograde final drive fluid designed to extend the life and performance of Caterpillar final drives which specify . Semisynthetic oil, a blend of mineral and synthetic. A manual transmission won't usually contain hypoid gears, so it doesn't need an EP oil. The diagram below indicates the minimum and maximum viscosities in centistokes for equivalent ISO-VG grades at temperature 40 o C. je GL-5 75w-90 or Equivalent The Subaru STI takes, GL-5 SAE 90 or Equivalent (Straight 90 Gear Oil) Some will argue that it doesnt make a difference, but consider this, if the it didn't matter, why would the manufacturer explicitly state to use SAE 90? Because, thats what that system was designed for. I've even seen one manual call for ATF fluid in the tranny and 90w gear oil in the BGB. I would say engine oil is too thin but a lot of guys use it from what I've heard. SynGear 75W-90 is a full synthetic, thermally stable, extreme pressure gear lubricant designed to operate and protect in both high and low extreme temperature conditions. 3a un4 The lower unit is a closed gear case,sae90. Been doing it for years, and the fish I catch are just as big.